Thanksgiving and Beyond Forecast

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Thanksgiving:  AM Patchy Fog, Mostly Cloudy-High 72

Thanksgiving Night: Chance for Showers & Isolated Thunderstorms-Low 48


Friday: Scatter Showers Early, Cooler-High 62

Friday Night: Clearing, Cool-Low 43


Saturday: Mostly Sunny, Windy & Cool-High 60

Saturday Night: Mostly Fair-Low 41


Sunday: Mostly Sunny, Windy & Cool-High 61

Sunday Night: Mostly Fair-Low 35



Football Weather in Austin for UT and A& M Thanksgiving Night-

Slight Chance for a Shower with temperatures in the 60’s


Bedlam Series- OU at OK STATE Saturday Night-Partly Cloudy and Cold with temperatures in the 40’s.


Door Busters Bundle Up

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‘Tis the season for getting a deal!  Sure seems like Christmas is coming earlier every year, but this weekend stores are already trying to lure you indoors with deals on toys and everything else.  Well, bundle up as you wait to bust down their doors because Saturday morning temperatures will be in the upper 30’s to low 40’s.  And, the wind will be gusty!


A front is expected to push into north Texas Friday afternoon and bring us wind and cold air.

Friday night—upper 50’s and low 60’s, northwest wind 15-25mph

Saturday morning—low 40’s/upper 30’s with gusty Northwest winds.

Saturday afternoon—Sunny, lighter wind and temperatures in the low 60’s

Sunday morning –mid 30’s in the metroplex to below freezing temperatures elsewhere.  A freeze expected in Denton and McKinney.



More Nice Football Weather

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Baylor at UT—Sunny and warm for this noon game.   Temperatures should be near 80.


OU at A&M—A sunny afternoon with temperatures close to 80.


Texas Tech at OK State—Chilly weather for this nighttime game.  First quarter temps in the mid-50’s and dropping to the low 50’s by the end of the game.


A Great Saturday for Football

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UT @ TX Tech.  (Lubbock) A night game with temps falling from low 60’s to upper 50’s with mostly fair skies and a light breeze.


NE @ OU—A night game with temperatures dropping in to the middle to low 60’s and partly cloudy skies.


CO  @ A&M—Afternoon sunshine with highs near 80.


IA. State@ OK State—Pleasant weather with readings in the upper 70’s.


TCU @UNLV—(Las Vegas) An evening game with a few clouds and temps in the 60’s

Cool winds could fan flames; plants and pets may want a warm blanket

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A great fall day with cool temperatures and sunny skies, but it is also dry and windy.  These conditions could help to create grass fires especially in the afternoon today.

Click here for the statement from the National Weather Service about the high fire danger.


Now let’s talk about Fido and those new mums you may of just planted.  Overnight, the temperatures will drop into the low 30’s close to freezing in some of the suburbs and rural areas.  Dallas and Tarrant counties are not under a freeze warning, but counties to the north, west and east are expecting a light freeze.

Here’s more from NWS.

Frost on the Pumpkins

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You may want to set aside sometime today to prepare your plants and pets for another cold night.  A frost advisory has been issued for many places in North Texas for early tomorrow morning.  Click here to read more.


We are not expected to have a freeze tonight with the air temperature staying above 32 degrees, but the dew point temperature in some spots will drop to 32 or lower.  The dew point measures the amount of moisture in the air.  The dew point being so low aides in frost forming on solid surfaces, such as leaves and plants.  Frost may not be a problem tonight for downtown Fort Worth or Dallas, but some of the suburbs and many rural areas are expected to experience frost.

Which witch?

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I do love fall, but sometimes I dread asking my kids what they want to be for Halloween.  This year I brought in reinforcements to help with the process of buying a costume.  My husband and I took our girls to our local costume store and went straight to the kids department to take care of business.  My six year old had been talking about being a witch for a few weeks now, so when we got to the wall of witches we asked her which one do you want to be?   About an hour later her decision was made.  The choices were overwhelming.  There’s the plain witch, the candy corn one, the fairy witch, the one where you look like a ballerina, the pumpkin witch, the fashion witch and finally the winner, the one she choose was the witch that had a skirt with fiber optic lights all over. 

Why am I writing about my kids on a weather blog?  Well, this is where my four year old comes in.  For Halloween, she wanted to be a monkey(actually, it was a giant, but I talked the pint size kid out of that one!).  But, the monkey costumes were covered in head-to-toe fake fur.  Knowing my luck, the weather would be too warm and she would fight me about not wanting to wear it.  So, I checked on the climate for Halloween.  Normal values are 72 for a high to 51 for a low.  But, who or what is normal these days?  The hottest it has ever been was 89 degrees and the coldest was 29.  So, if we look at the past to gauge the future, we could come up with temperatures dropping into the low 60’s to upper 50’s for trick or treating. 

By the way, my four year old decided on the patchwork witch costume.

Do you have any cute costumes?  We would love to see some pictures

It’s Fall Ya’ll.

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As we kick of the first weekend of autumn, the temperatures will still be running a few degrees above average.  Highs on Saturday and Sunday throughout North Texas will be around 90 degrees.  No rain is expected to pop up.  Cool weather should come our way by the middle of next week with the temperatures dropping about 8 degrees.


Fair weather for the State Fair— Sunny & Warm for Saturday and Sunday.

McKinney Oktoberfest—-Sunny Saturday with a high of 90.

Fort Worth Home & Garden Show—Sunny & Warm, but 72 degrees inside the convention center.

Triathlon at Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney—Sunday morning will be nice and somewhat cool with temps in low to mid 60’s.

Greek Food Festival in Dallas—Dry weather for all the dancing and eating.

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina—great pickin’ weather for the opening on Saturday.

Summers Last Hoorah.

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This weekend marks the official end to summer with the autumnal equinox starting at 12:44pm local time on Monday.  It will be a nice end to the season with average temperatures and dry weather.  We can expect a sunny start to Saturday with a few clouds by the afternoon.  A weak disturbance will pass to the north of us and could bring an isolated shower to our eastern counties.  The rain chance for Paris and Mt. Pleasant is a little bit higher at 20%. Sunday brings us plenty of sunshine and temperatures both days should be in the upper 80’s.  Morning temperatures will not be as cool this weekend as they have this past week.

There will be lots of ways to take advantage of this nice warm weather.  You may want to head to Addison and take in Oktoberfest.  I may actually try to take my girls to Plano to see all the hot air balloons.  Enjoy!

Calling All Artists

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Now that school is back in session, we give the bus stop forecast each morning on NBC5.  Each day around 6:25am the forecast is shown along side a wonderful and often colorful picture of the weather that children have drawn.   If you would like to have your artwork shown on NBC5, then send in an 8 by 10 drawing, along with your name, school and grade.  We are looking forward to seeing and showing off your interpretation of North Texas weather.



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