Thanksgiving Weather In North Texas By Steve MacLaughlin

November 23, 2008 at 6:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Late November is that time of year when the weather in North Texas can go in just about any direction.  Last year, it was definitely the first taste of winter. Areas from Fort Worth up to the north & west saw a light wintry mix and much of the area was under a freeze warning.  A Winter Weather Advisory was issued the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving to the northwest of the metroplex with even a few slushy roads and bridges by Sunday.

Two years ago Thanksgiving day was quiet, but one week later we had our first winter weather event with a cold rain, freezing rain and even snow flurries.

This year will be much too warm for wintry weather, but a disturbance could bring showers & storms both Thursday and Friday.

The warmest Thanksgiving ever in North Texas was in 1965 when the high temperature soared to 88 degrees. The coldest ever was in 1993 when the mercury dropped to 23 degrees. November 25th, 1993 was also the Thanksgiving that will be remembered as the most winter-like. Freezing rain and sleet fell during an afternoon where the temperature never got above freezing. The day is forever linked to a fateful Dallas Cowboys game. That game was the only football game played in winter precipitation in Dallas.

The wettest Thanksgiving ever: 3.06″ of rain fell in 1914.

Have a great holiday,

Steve Mac


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