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As of 10pm, Gustav holding steady at 115mph winds, category 3-but looking a little less organized.  Still strong, but not the world beater we saw yesterday.

Very heavy rain (12″+) could fall Tuesday or Wednesday in parts of East TX.


Its time for FOOTBALL!!!

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Finally, my favorite time of year!

If you’re heading to:
-Norman, OK for OU/Tenn-Chatt, 7pm, Sct. Showers, 86 degrees
-Austin, TX for UT/FL-Atlantic, 7pm, Fair, 90 degrees
-Lubbock, TX for TT/E. Wash, 7pm, Showers, 80 degrees
-College Station, TX for TX A&M/Ark St, 8pm, Iso. Showers early, 93 degrees
-Manhatten, KS for UNT/K-State, 8pm, Fair, 82 degrees
-Albuquerque, NM for TCU/UNM, 7pm, Showers, 80 degrees

What is with Jerry Lewis and Hurricanes? By Jennifer Lopez

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Besides the good work that Jerry Lewis does for the MDA, whenever I think of the upcoming telethon I always think of hurricanes.  I can remember as a kid growing up in Florida there seemed to always be some tropical storm or hurricane invading the Sunshine state.  This is more than just a coincidence.  Even though the official length of the Atlantic Tropical Season is from June 1st to November 30th, the peak of the season is usually the first three weeks of September.  So, it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that we have two tropical storms with an additional two areas of interest out in the Atlantic.  The one of immediate concern is Gustav, which as of Friday morning is starting to move away from Jamaica.  It is still too early to say exactly where Gustav will make landfall again, but many of the computer forecast models are indicating the system will come into the northern Gulf of Mexico by Monday.


Here is a link to where the models are putting Gustav.


Here is more info on the telethon, make sure to watch Jerry Lewis and more this coming Monday right here on NBC 5.

The Mars Hoax… Again

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 Every August since 2003 I have been receiving emails about the “once in a lifetime” event when Mars will appear as large as the moon in the night sky.

Sorry, but that is an email hoax that has been circulating every August since 2003, when Mars did indeed make a closer than normal approach to Earth. But even at that time, it just looked like a bright star, nothing like the full moon. Here is a link with more information:
This week, Mars is barely visible, shortly after sunset near the western horizon. Here is another link with details on where the planets are this week:

 Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock

More on Gustav

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David is right on this system.

We’re looking at a Monday landfall on this system, and the computer forecast models are far apart with location and strength.  Its important to stress that 5 days out, the average error on hurricane landfall predictions is close to 200 miles.

In other words, anywhere from Brownsville to the Florida gulf coast could be a target.  Stay tuned.

3-H Forecast

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We are wrapping up August with the Hazy, Hot and Humid forecast.  This quiet pattern is allowing for poor air quality in the metroplex.  Today’s level is orange, which is a little bit better than yesterday, but still unhealthy for sensitive groups.  So, what actions do you need to take?  If you suffer from lung diseases, such as asthma, or any kind of respiratory problem, one thing you should do is try to cut back on strenuous outdoors activities for lunchtime until the early evening hours.  Go for a walk instead of a run.  Coaches should rotate players, especially if they have asthma.  Take precautions if you have any unusual coughing or chest problems. The air should slowly start to improve tomorrow, but until then just try to take it easy.


By Jennifer Lopez

Hurricane Gustav will get Nasty

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Tropical Storm Gustav first formed Monday afternoon in the Caribbean Sea.  But it quickly intensified and became a hurricane by the next morning.  Today, it moved across southwestern Haiti with winds of 75 to 90 mph.   It is now expected to pass south of Cuba, continuing to intensify, before entering the Gulf of Mexico over the coming weekend.

The local Fort Worth office of the National Weather Service provided the following image showing the expected future track of Hurricane Gustav.


The forecast calls for winds of 120 mph, a Category 3 Hurricane, by Sunday.  After that, it looks like we could see a landfall on the Gulf coast, maybe between Galveston and New Orleans on Labor Day.  By the way, this Friday is the third anniversary of the arrival of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  They are definitely not looking forward to a visit by Gustav.

Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock

A Rude Awakening for some Keller residents…tornado siren!

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Right around 4am, the tornado siren at Freedom elementary school in the Keller area started up.  Much to the relief of the neighbors there, no severe weather was occuring.,+keller,+tx&fb=1&cid=0,0,3576512566064857984&ll=32.916717,-97.268742&spn=0.103466,0.149689&z=13

There’s nothing quite as annoying as a tornado siren sounding when there’s no severe weather, but its a lot worse at 4am on a Saturday morning!

When we called Tarrant County this morning, we were assured it was just a malfunction.  Hopefully they can get this fixed!

Not quite cold enough. by Jennifer Lopez

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No need for any of the long sleeve shirts or cute sweater vests on Monday morning.  You may be dying to wear them, but you will quickly have to shed them as you wait for the school bus.  The coolest part of the day tends to be around 7am, but the forecast calls for temperatures around the upper 70’s to get us started.  By the afternoon, we could hit the low to mid 90’s.  Rain on the first day?  Doesn’t look like a big chance, we’ll just keep an eye on Fay to see if any of that moisture comes close to us.


Have a great first day and sends us some photos of your kindergarteners first day.

You Thought That Was A Lot Of Rain?

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We have had a lot of rain in north Texas this week; heavy soaking rains in many areas.  In fact parts of Collin County got drenched with 8″ of rain in just 4 or 5 hours Wednesday morning.   There was a lot of localized flooding.

But the rains we saw pale in comparison to what’s been going on in Florida.  Slow-moving Tropical Storm Fay never reached hurricane strength.  But because of the very slow movement it has been a prodigious rain-maker.  Parts of eastern Florida, particularly around Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach, have seen as much as 24″ of rain in the past 3 days.  That’s three times the amount of rain Collin County got.  And the rains there haven’t ended yet.  The flooding in some areas will get even worse tonight and Friday.

Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock

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