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June 20, 2008 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
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You often hear us ask viewers to send photos to and today this picture of a little girl cooling off in a tin tub caught our eye.

We thought this photo would be a great way to remind people about the Summer Solstice tonight at 6:59 p.m. CDT.

So we decided to ask the sender for more information about the little girl.

Here is the e-mail received:

Yes, you may use my granddaughter’s picture (aaaah, summer time…) on your broadcast. I have just spoken to her mother and she says, “Okay”.

Our angel’s name is Kiki, she turns 3 the end of July. The photo was taken about a week ago in Dallas when she was visiting her grandmother whom she calls Nana.

Kiki is our miracle baby. Her birth was at approximately 27 weeks, she weighed in at less than 2 lbs, she could be held in the palm of one’s hand, her twin brother passed away after a valiant fight.

After some SCARY times, she is doing fine. We love her VERY much. If you do refer to me, please use “Papa” which is what she calls me.

The attached photo is of Kiki at about 1 year old while she was out on a voyage of discovery.

Glenn Baker

We’re so glad we asked about the little blonde girl cooling off in a tin tub, and we wanted to share Kiki’s story with you.



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  1. Thank you PAPA for sending in the pictures.
    Love, DB.

  2. I know KiKi and her “nana”. She is a beautiful little girl that has brought much life and light into our lives.

    Great picture and thank you for sharing the picture and taking the time to find out about our little “miracle” girl.

  3. She is just as bright as she looks. Since her birth she has taught us a lot about life and what a miracle she is.
    Beautiful job channel 5 I have seen your recent stories David especially about your daughter, well done.

    Thanks Gramps

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