…And The Records Just Keep On Coming For North Texas

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By Steve MacLaughlin, Sunday, June 8th

We can blog about pretty much anything we want here at nbc5i.com; anything we find interesting or curious or fascinating; anything we think you’ll want to read about or answers to questions you may have; or just thoughts that we’re having that we may not have time to get to during the newscast. The only stipulation for us meteorologists is that it is has something to do with weather. As long as we try to stick to that a little, we are free to have some fun or be creative or just rant.

Week after week I get some brilliant (sometimes) idea that I think will be perfect to blog about. Some weather fact that will open the door to talk about a hundred other things under the guise of being pure science. A way to express all these thoughts that may have very little to do with weather with just enough weather to justify my blog.

But for the last couple of months, every time I try to do something new or clever, I keep getting pulled back to the same place. Just look through the weather blog archives and you will see a crystal-clear pattern. I can’t get away from the stats; the numbers that frighten and alarm me about our changing climate. The records that continue to fall night after night and the distance that keeps growing between our “average” temperatures from the last thirty years and the reality of the last few years. I am not trying to be repetitive, but each week, new numbers come in and I want to pass them along to you.

Before 2008, we have never, ever, ever, ever seen a low temperature at or above 80 degrees in the Metroplex in all of May or the entire first week of June. The earliest 80 degree low in the history of North Texas was June 9th and that happened once back in 1995. Even 2006, which was the hottest year on record for this part of the country stayed below 80 degrees at night until after June 9th. But this year, including the fourth record low in as many nights on Sunday morning, we are now incredibly up to 6 days where the low did not get below 80 degrees. That means as of June 8th, we now have broken that record 6 times over; the first record being set on May 23rd, 2008 and the hottest morning being last Thursday when our morning low was 82 degrees.

This year we have not hit 100 degrees yet and that is great news. But we have already hit 90 or better 22 times and we have now set an astounding 16 records for warmest low temperature or warmest high temperature and we have only just begun the second week of June.

Steve Mac


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