Earliest 80 Degree Weather Ever In North Texas

May 25, 2008 at 5:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

By Steve MacLaughlin, Sunday, May 25th:

This is not a blog about global warming. We no longer need to argue whether or not global warming is real, but what its effects are on North Texas.  I believe that statistics over the last few years are proving that rapid climate change is happening right in front of our eyes. Or perhaps it is just an anomoly that will soon balance out. Either way, the numbers are staggering and shocking.

Aside from recently seeing the warmest year ever for the entire Earth, the entire United States and North Texas; all-time heat records for big cities from California to New York; the two strongest hurricanes ever on record just a couple of years ago; severe weather outbreaks never before seen and the first tornado ever in Brooklyn, New York City; Aside from all that, there are amazing temperatures happening right here in the Metroplex.

As the moisture content of the air increases for whatever reason, the overnight low temperature has a very hard time falling. This is the first place we see the effects of a changing climate. Over the last few years, we have continued to consistently break records for the warmest overnight low temperature on many days. This year, we have already broken 8 of these daily records. The three most recent records happened on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

On Friday and Saturday mornings our low temperature was 80 degrees. That is the first time EVER that a May night has not dropped below 80 in the Metroplex. The first time ever and it happened two days in a row. That makes those two mornings the earliest 80 degree mornings in a North Texas season on record and the warmest May nights ever. Before this weekend, the earliest 80 degree morning in a season was not until June 9th.

Steve Mac


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