Do You Own A Weather Radio?

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In recent weeks, we have had a number of severe storms roll through north Texas during the middle of the night. When people are asleep, they obviously aren’t watching TV, listening to the radio, or checking the web for the latest radar images. And Emergency Sirens aren’t always audible indoors, even when they are being sounded. So a lot of people are shocked when their home is hit by hail, damaging wind gusts, or even a tornado.When you are asleep, the single best way to keep your family safe from severe storms is to own a NOAA Weather Radio. I own one, and every home, school and business in north Texas should have one too.

That’s why NBC5 has partnered with Midland Radio Corporation and local Walgreen’s stores to bring you a special deal. A state of the art emergency alert radio at the special discounted price of $29.99.

These radios have proved so popular that in some Walgreen’s stores, the shelves have been emptied. But more deliveries are expected in the coming days, and they should soon be back in stock. Be sure to call ahead to your local Walgreen’s to be sure they have the radios on hand.

Once you have your radio, you need to program it to sound alerts for your particular county. Then it should sound an audible alarm, and turn on automatically, whenever a warning is issued or when a test alarm is given. Here is the statement from the National Weather Service on their usual test procedures:            

WRSAME Alert Tests are normally conducted each Wednesday between 10 and Noon (typically around 11 am) and again between 6 pm and 8 pm (typically around 7 pm). Should there be a threat of or existing severe weather, the test will be postponed until the next available good weather day.
Of course, you don’t want to be awakened in the middle of the night for a storm 100 miles away that will have no impact on your community.  That’s why these radios come with SAME technology (Specific Area Message Encoders).  You can program it to sound alarms only for one or two counties, so it will only wake you up if you are likely to be affected by the storm.
And here is a link to a map of north Texas with the proper frequencies for each county, and also the local County FIPS Codes for programming your radio:

Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock  










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