Going Green for Earth Day

April 21, 2008 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Tuesday April 22nd is Earth Day.  All across the country Americans will be celebrating the environment, and participating in projects to protect it.

Here in our area, NBC5, Telemundo39 and GE are joining hands to take part in a green beautification project near Fair Park in Dallas.  We will be planting 3000 shrubs and plants along a median parallel to Interstate 30.  We are partnering with Groundwork Dallas, Jubilee Park Center, the City of Dallas and US Lawns to make this project a success.  Here are some more details: 

*    PARTNER – GROUNDWORK DALLAS – our non-profit partner
         * NBC 5/Telemundo 39 and GE Volunteers are partnering with Groundwork Dallas – local non-profit agency – http://www.groundworkdallas.org/.
         * Groundwork Dallas actually applied for the grant from the City of Dallas to do this program.
         * I’m expecting info from Casie Pierce on Groundwork Dallas to pass on to you today. 
         * City of Dallas provided funding assistance to Groundwork Dallas through the Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) —  Neighborhood Enhancement Program which was approved by Dallas City Council inFebruary ’08
*     BENEFICIARY – JUBILEE PARK NEIGHBORHOOD – beneficiary of our effort
    * The Jubilee Park Neighborhood is a 62 block area that’s bordered by I-30, Grand Avenue and Fair Park.
    * 10 years ago there was nothing there – absolutely nothing – in that neighborhood. A church, St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church was looking for a neighborhood to help revitalize as part of their 50th anniversary. They discovered this area and raised the money to build the Jubilee Park Center. The community center is a free standing non-profit 501(c)3 organization, but they still get funding from the church and their volunteers still help out.
* The Jubilee Park Center is the driving force for revitalization. They focus on programs to reduce crime, beautification projects like the one we’re doing on Earth Day, clean up programs regularly of the entire neighborhood, housing programs like Habitat for Humanity have helped them tear down crack houses and abandoned houses and build homes.
   The center has after school programs, GED program.
   The center installed surveillance cameras to reduce crime.
   The center started a business association because the businesses in the area didn’t know each other.
   The center started a neighborhood association.
   The center has programs to help people fix up their homes. — The volunteers for these program are people who actually live in the neighborhood.
* Boone Pickens donated $6 million to the Jubilee Park Center in 2007and the Center is actually building a police storefront for the neighborhood as part of their crime reduction program. The police agreed to staff it, if they built it and they are doing that.
Tuesday at 4pm, 5 pm and 6pm, I will be doing live shots in our newscasts from the site of the event.  But before that, I will spend the day getting my hands dirty, planting.  That’s the kind of public service work I enjoy!
Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock


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  1. Planting 3,000 shrubs and plants is a great project!

  2. That was a really nice project! 🙂 That would really be a big help… In our community, they also planted few trees along the community road. 🙂

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