Craziest Weather Week Ever?

March 8, 2008 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Texas is known for its roller-coaster weather changes in very short periods of time; especially at this time of the year when cold air leftover from winter starts fighting with the warm air trying to return from the equator. A subtle wind shift can change seasons in an instant in a way that is unique to North Texas.

 This week, however, took that idea to a new level and I’m actually pretty excited that I was here to see it and report on it.

Let’s go back to last Saturday. It was a beautiful day with a high temperature of 80 at DFW. That comes only five days after a near-record high of 88 degrees.

Sunday began quietly, but the first hint of things to come was a wind advisory. The high made it to 74 degrees as the clouds rapidly increased. A Flash Flood Watch was issued for the overnight period, and rightly so. Sunday and Sunday night featured severe thunderstorm warnings and even a late night tornado warning in Palo Pinto County. A cold front barrelled through with the storms and the temperature plumetted to 34 degrees. That was not nearly the coldest of the week. Friday morning dropped to 33 and on Saturday morning, DFW had a low of 25 degrees, only three shy of the record set back in 1996. Mineral Wells got down to 20 degrees, the coldest we could find across the area.

 But the big story will be the snow storm; make that snow storms, plural, that slammed into the area. Monday’s brought DFW a record 1″ which seems unimpressive until you tally up the totals of up to 5″ to the north and east.

 Friday’s storm was a monster. Again, DFW got about 1″; again that broke the record for that date; and again, areas to the north and especially northwest saw exponentially more snow. Up to 9″ were reported outside of the metroplex.

 I’m not sure if that offically makes this the craziest weather week ever for North Texas. I’m not even sure you could quantify or qualify something so subjective. But it is certainly the wildest week I can remember in my four plus years living in this part of the country. I’m happy to have a quiet weather day today, but rain returns Sunday night and Monday.

 Have a great weekend,

Steve Mac


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