I Shoveled Snow On My Birthday!

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I just returned home last night from a wonderful, ten day vacation back on the east coast. On previous trips to New York City and New Jersey, I have had the incredible opportunity to work on air at WNBC, Weather Plus, MSNBC, CNBC and even for the Today Show. This trip did not feature any work at all. It was simply a vacation to celebrate my thirty-second birthday and not having any obligations to the company gave me all the time in the world to see my friends and family.

To begin with, this trip did not break the bank as many of my trips tend to do. Every time I went out, people were buying me food and drinks. Nobody would let me pay for anything. One of my friends even cooked dinner for me on my last night in town. It was a great time. I stayed at my mom’s house. She needs to get a bigger television and maybe go high definition, but no complaints. I actually slept in my childhood bed in my childhood bedroom. My feet hung off the bed a bit, but again, no complaints; it was actually quite nice. Every morning I woke up, my laundry would be cleaned and folded. Do you know how nice it is to go on vacation and not run out of clothes? There were bagels and cream cheese waiting for me every day when I went downstairs and I ate pizza at least once a day and never at the same place twice. I was in heaven.

I partied in New York City, The Jersey Shore. Rutgers University and all around New Jersey. I did not get a chance to roll craps or play blackjack down in Atlantic City and I never made it to Philly, but it was a lovely trip.

New York is having an unusually mild and quiet winter. It did not snow at all this year other than a few insignficant storms. It is extremely rare to make it into February with no snow days for the schools or big storms for the local television stations. But winter is in my blood. It’s who I am. And right on cue, on my fourth day of vacation, almost exactly at midnight on my birthday, the snow began to fall. And it fell and fell and fell some more. I went to bed and woke up to this glow. I could hear the sound of metal shovels scraping the concrete. And there it was: A winter wonderland that was reminiscent of my childhood. I turned into a kid and a huge smile swept across my face. This was perfect.

I looked a little closer and saw mom had cleared the apron of the driveway and the front side walk. I considered going back to sleep then realized my mom was not bothering me to help, which is why I went outside and we shoveled together like the old days. I started on the driveway which is pretty big. I went from the front sidewalk all the way to the garage, then the back of the house where my rental car was parked. I cleaned off my car, then started attacking the front steps and walk to the driveway. My mom and I spent about an hour or so and were pretty happy it was so cold and the snow was fluffy and light. Then the last half hour got rough. It started raining and getting warmer and the snow was getting pretty heavy.

In all, the storm dumped about 6 to 10 inched across the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Officially at my house, 7 inches. Central Park had 6 inches which was a record for the date.

The coolest part was driving down the shore. If you have never had the chance to see snow on the beach and boardwalk, it is quite beautiful. The next day, with snow on the beach and temperatures just above freezing, I attended, but did not participate in the Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. That night, we went out to a Jersey Shore club right on the beach to celebrate my birthday.

All in all, the trip was great, but the highlight was the big snowstorm on my thirty-second birthday. Now that I’m back in Texas, it’s time to stop thinking about winter, and prepare for the inevitable spring storm season that is just about here.

Steve Mac


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