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Wondering how meteorologists and storm spotters forecast tornadoes? Ever wanted to be a storm spotter, yourself? Want to see how the NBC5 Storm Tracker Hummer works? Now is your chance!
This Saturday, Feb 2 from 8:30am-4:30pm, at South Hills High School, 6101 McCart Avenue, Fort Worth, the National Weather Service will team with NBC5 meteorologists for the annual storm chasing seminar in Tarrant County. You’ll learn everything there is to know from rear-flank downdrafts to outflow boundaries, from tornado look-alikes to the real deal. It’s a day long seminar, and you’ll walk away prepared for severe weather.
This is free and open to the public…anyone of any age is welcome, but we don’t recommend you bring toddlers or babies. (They’ll get bored.)
You’ll see great slideshows and meet the NWS meteorologists, the NBC5 meteorologists, the NBC5 storm chasers and the NBC5 Hummer storm trackers. We hope to see you there!


Still More Wind

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We saw gusts over 50 mph across most of the area Tuesday afternoon, primarily between noon and 2pm. The highest gust reported was 59 mph in McKinney. But winds dropped off quickly after dark. The wind will remain light and variable through early morning. But by mid-day Wednesday, a south wind will be increasing 15 to 25 mph. Already, a Red Flag Warning has been posted, from 11am through 6pm Wednesday, for high fire danger. And a Wind Advisory will be in effect everywhere west of Fort Worth, where winds are expected to exceed 30 mph. That advisory may later be extended eastward to include the Metroplex.

The next front will bring a chance of showers late Wednesday night into early Thursday morning. Then it will be windy and cooler on Thursday, with northwest winds at 20 to 30 mph. We should finally see a calm day on Friday.

W I N D !!!!!!!!!

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Very strong gusty winds are sweeping across North Texas.

Dry humidity levels and these winds are contributing to several grass fires in North Texas and that smoke is filtering across all of the area, it smells like a bad barbeque restaurant outside.

Minor tree, roof and fence damage has been reported as well.

As of 12:30pm, here are the strongest winds reported in the metroplex:


Very Gusty Winds

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The wind will remain the big story for the next 24 hours. Overnight, a south wind will continue at 15-25 mph. That will keep the temperatures up in the 60’s all night long. That’s awfully warm for a January night!

But Tuesday morning, a Pacific cold front will arrive, switching winds around to the west, and increasing 20 to 40 mph. There may be a few gusts approaching 50 mph. Although there won’t be much cooling initially, the front will drop humidities drastically, and in combination with the strong winds, will lead to a high fire danger. As a result, a Red Flag Warning has been posted, along with a High Wind Watch, for all of north Texas all day Tuesday. We may even see a little blowing dust by mid-day.

The wind will beging to subside by sunset, and it will get a good deal colder Tuesday night, dropping to near 30 degrees by early Wednesday morning.

$100 hamburger – Stephenville

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One of my favorite hops in the Cardinal from the metroplex is Stephenville.

The Hard 8 BBQ is a classic stop.

Its right off of US-67 just SE of town.

You make your selections right off the smoker, just point and the helpful smoker attendant will give you what you want!

That smoker takes a serious pile of wood to keep going!

One of my favorite things about the Hard 8 is:

They have Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap!
If you’ve never had Dublin Dr. Pepper, you’re missing out on a wonderful Texas treat.

If you’re looking for a quick day trip, Stephenville would be a great choice.

There are some other great places to eat there, and you can catch some rodeo AND top notch high school football.
Oh, and I didn’t see any UFOs. I was disappointed.

Finally… a beautiful weekend

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After a week of below normal temps and brushes with wintry weather, temps are warming up above normal for Saturday and Sunday.

You have to go back to January 15th for our last high in the 60s, but we’ll be in the 60s today, and maybe 70 for Sunday!

Also, the “normal” temperatures have started an upswing now, that means we’re finished with what on average is the coldest part of the winter.

Another Close Call

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In the words of one of my favorite comics, Little Jimmy Norton, I don’t like winter weather……….I LOVE it!!

You can understand my on-going, constant, perpetual disappointment at the 2007/2008 winter weather season so far. Don’t get me wrong, I would never wish for freezing rain. Besides tornadoes and floods, freezing rain is probably the most dangerous and frustrating type of weather here in North Texas. It can shut down the city and make a five minute trip to the store absolutely horrifying.

But just give me something; anything that reminds me of growing up in New Jersey. I don’t need an entire season of snow – just one or two storms to feed my craving. The fact is, we have been incredibly lucky this year. It looks like the day that most resembled winter was in the fall: Thanskgiving, with its brief but impressive snow showers. There have now been four major storms and a couple of minor storms that flirted with North Texas but really spared us. Talk to folks to our west or up in Oklahoma and they will tell you how bad of a season they have had.

Now, today, the folks that saw sub-freezing temps saw little rain and those of us who saw the most precipitation couldn’t get down to the freezing mark. Let me reiterate that I am happy we missed a major ice storm; I just can’t believe how difficult is has been for the conditions to be just perfect for wintry weather.

In one month I will be, oh dear, this is not easy. I will be, um, thirty-two. Yes, it is difficult to actually imagine. It would not be so tough to stomach if I weren’t feeling older. Yesterday, I finished doing the 4pm news and I went home. Between about 8 and 9pm, I ran for an hour around Fort Worth as I do regularly. For most of the run, I was hit with a combination of light rain and little tiny ice pellets. It was wonderful. It was refeshing. I felt alive. But I realized that if it weren’t for the novelty of running in ice, last night would have be uncomfortable. I used to think running in the cold was the greatest thing in the world. But lately, I actually find myself longing for warmer days. I have never been a fan of summer here in Texas; I think the spring and fall are just perfect whereas only a couple of years ago, I found running in the winter to be invigorating. I could never understand why my grandma always wears a sweater or complains it’s too cold. I guess as we get older, we start hating cold weather. And that is how I know I am growing up.

I am rambling again…But here’s my point: It is winter and it feels like winter. How about it actually be winter? I think we all look forward to snow or sleet or a day off from school or work. When winter keeps teasing us and it’s bitterly cold outside and it’s raining and there’s no snow, it makes a winter day go from exciting to kind of depressing. On the other hand, I changed lanes today on an overpass on my way to work and I didn’t slide into the median, so things could be a LOT worse.

Steve Mac

Friday morning update 8:30am

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We’ve had a few reports of some freezing rain early in the morning: I-35W at 820 had some icy patches on elevated surfaces around 6am, and there was a bit of freezing rain reported at Fort Worth’s Meacham airport, between 6am and 8am. Denison, Sulphur Springs, Bonham, and parts of Van Zandt county have also had freezing rain and ice on elevated surfaces.

For most of us in Dallas and Fort Worth, it’s just a cold rain that’s falling.

It’ll be a cloudy, cold day with temperatures gradually warming to 40 by afternoon, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some sun up near Clay and Montague counties.

All the rain is what we need, though. By morning tomorrow, it’ll be foggy and about 38 to start the day, but by afternoon Saturday, it’ll feel like spring again: 66 on Saturday and 70 on Sunday!

7am update

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Temperatures have started a slow warmup.

North Fort Worth has gone from 31.5 to 32.1 in the last half hour.

This trend will continue through the morning.

Icy spots may still occur through 10am to the NW of Fort Worth, in Wise, Montague, Cooke, Grayson, Denton and Parker Counties.

The metroplex will continue above freezing, with no problems expected, other than wet roads.

Friday Morning Brush with Winter

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Temperatures have dropped below freezing west of I-35W as of 4:30 this morning.

There is still some room for temperatures to drop a couple of more degrees this morning, perhaps to 31-32 in Fort Worth, especially N of I-30.

Dallas is in good shape this morning, even a two degree drop over the next couple of hours will keep temps above freezing.

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