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Chances are, it’s unlikely. It will be cold and windy by tomorrow, and during the Christmas week, we’ll have several reinforcing shots of cold air. It’ll finally feel like winter…and it’ll feel like Christmas…but as of today, snow isn’t in the forecast for Christmas 2007.

How many snowy Christmases have we seen? Not many.
According to records kept by the National Weather Service, it has only snowed on three Christmases’ since 1926. The weather service has kept records for 100+ years.

From their website, here is a list of Significant Christmas Day weather events:

2000 – Record rainfall of nearly 2″ fell during the evening with temperatures from 32°F to 34°F with some minor freezing rain. However, severe freezing rain occurred north and northeast of the Metroplex.
1997 – A few flurries were mixed with rain during the evening. The next morning a blanket of up to ½” of snow covered portions of the Metroplex.
1975 – 0.4″ of snow fell on the first almost white Christmas in nearly 50 years.
1974 – A trace of sleet was reported.
1963 – No snow remained from a 2″ snowfall on December 22.
1926 – 2″ of snow fell in Fort Worth but melted by afternoon. Dallas received 6.3″ of snow.
1914 – There was a trace of snow recorded with a few brief flurries.
1879 – 1″ of sleet and snow was on the ground. It was said that the snow and sleet was so compacted that a horse’s hoof did not leave an imprint in the snow.
1841 – Three soldiers from a nearby fort were tracking a bear in 6″ of snow near what is now White Rock Lake


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