Holidays Bring Extreme Weather To North Texas

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This past Thursday got me to thinking…For a place that doesn’t get much wintry weather, it sure does seem we’ve been getting hit a lot lately on our major holidays. Perfect if you’re trying to get into the holiday spirit; A mess if you’re trying to travel.

This past Thursday marks only the second Thanksgiving with wintry weather in the history of North Texas; the first was the infamous 1993 ice storm forever linked with the Dallas Cowboys. (That was also the only time before this year that an NFL game in Dallas had wintry weather.)
Last year, exactly one week after Thanksgiving, we had our first ice storm of the season. That was November 30th.

The last two Easters have been memorable. 2006 was far from winter-like. In fact, April 16th which was Easter Sunday, was a record 95 degrees. Followed by a record high of 101 on Monday and then 99 degrees on Tuesday. One year earlier, on March 27th, 2005, we had a snow storm. In fact, up to 2″ fell from Weatherford to southern portions of Fort Worth.

Valentine’s Day shocked us back in 2004. We had a big time snow storm with nearly 6″ of snow in parts of North Texas. The metroplex had between 2″ and 4″.

Christmas Eve of 2004 may not have been memorable for North Texas, but southern portions of the state got slammed with an historic, mammoth snow storm. Some places recorded over a foot of snow.

And 2000 brought a one-two punch for the area. Christmas Day had 2″ of rain, but with temperatures in the lower 30s, there was icing, especially in our suburbs. And less than a week later on New Year’s Eve, 2″ to 4″ of snow fell across North Texas.

Happy Holidays,
Steve Mac


Cold Rain, but some snow too?

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A surface low pressure in the gulf is pumping loads of gulf moisture into Texas, as a strong upper level low moves in from the west.

Our temperatures at the ground are cold, but well above freezing, so we don’t expect any travel problems in North Texas. The colder temps are to our Northwest, and if you have travel plans west of Abilene on IH-20, or NW of Wichita Falls on US-287, expect to see accumulating snow.

The temperatures just above the ground are below freezing, just like on Thanksgiving Day, so don’t be surprised to see some snow mixing in with the rain, especially west of IH-35. At times, we might even see some accumulation on grass and car roofs, but ground temps are still above freezing, so no icy roads are expected.

As the upper low moves out on Sunday, some colder air will move in, and we might see another chance of snow Sunday night, even in the metroplex, but accumulations are not expected.

Stay warm!

Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Snow = Super Bowl?

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I got to thinking (Yeah, it smells like burning machinery when I think).

The Dolphins/Cowboys icy Thanksgiving game was in 1993, and we won the Super Bowl that year!!!

We had snow this year for the Cowboys game, does that mean another championship for us this season? Better ask Newy!!!

Thanksgiving Snow – Cold Shopping!

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Well, since its my last time (thankfully) to use an old and a bad joke….

We sure quit the warm temperatures (wait for it, wait for it…..) Cold Turkey

Yeah, I know, don’t quit my day job.

As I watched the snow fall at Texas Stadium yesterday, I could only think of Leon Lett and that game against the Dolphins back in the early 90s. At least it wasn’t THAT bad!

As we head into Saturday and Sunday, everything is coming together for a cold and wet weekend. Temperatures will be warm enough that no travel problems will occur, but we will have the chance of some snow mixing in with the rain from time to time.

The rain should begin by Saturday morning, and stay with us off and on all the way through the weekend. We’ll stay above 40 degrees for the most part, so drivers won’t have to worry about ice, but it’ll sure be cold!

An Historic Thanksgiving

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14 years ago, there was sleet and freezing rain at DFW Aiport. That was the last time there was wintry weather on Thanksgiving in North Texas. The date was November 25th, 1993. In fact, that was the ONLY time we have ever had wintry precipitation on Thanksgiving. That makes this year the second time, EVER!

There was also a Cowboys game that day in 1993 against the Dolphins. An game most will not forget even if they try. There was ice. And that was the only NFL game in Dallas history with ice. Today makes two although today’s wintry precipitation was much less impressive on the east side of town.

I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and warm Thanksgiving. You are now part of history!

Steve Mac

Here comes the Cold

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This week will be a perfect example of late fall in North Texas. We go from record heat on Tuesday, to much colder by Thanksgiving.

Right now, the forecast is for 83 for Tuesday’s high, which would tie a 70 year old record. By Wednesday afternoon, temps will be falling into the upper 40s, with a gusty north wind.

By Thanksgiving, we’ll be dressing in winter clothes, and we’ll be seeing morning temps in the 30s, and afternoon highs struggling to make it to 51. BRRRRRR.

I guess you could say that we’re quitting the warm weather, cold turkey.

From Record Heat To Freezing Cold

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This should be a pretty crazy weather week.
Monday and Tuesday will be very warm. Highs in the 80s. Very likely to break a record on Tuesday.
Big cold front comes through Wednesday. Showers and storms are likely with falling temperatures late Wednesday and Wednesday night. No severe weather or wintry precipitation is expected because we dry out when the cold air moves in.
Highs on Thanksgiving, Friday and Saturday will only be in the lower to mid 50s with wind chills even lower. There might also be a high fire danger once the dry air sweeps in.
As far as low temps: Coldest air of the season for sure. Friday and Saturday mornings will be the coldest. Mid 30s in town. Suburbs at or below freezing for the first time this year. Looks like metro stays above freezing.
Next weekend needs to be watched. At this point I have clouds and a cold drizzle in the five day plus forecast. If the air cools down enough, it might be more of a tricky forecast. No worries just yet, but stay tuned.
Steve Mac

Cold Turkey For Thanksgiving

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Temperatures will remain above normal for the next few days, but a huge cold front will slam into North Texas Wednesday. The coldest air of the season should arrive by Thanksgiving Day with our first freeze Friday morning in our suburbs.

Here is a list of signigicant North Texas Thanksgiving Weather courtesy of the National Weather Service in Fort Worth:

Number of freezes: 15

Number of days w/Max 100°F or more: 0

Number of days 32°F or less: 0

Highest Maximum
Rank Temp (°F) Date
1 88 Nov 25, 1965
2 87 Nov 24, 1910
3 83 Nov 22, 1900
4 81 Nov 23, 1967
5(tie) 80 Nov 24, 1966/Nov 25, 1926

Highest Minimum
Rank Temp (°F) Date
1 68 Nov 22, 1900
2 66 Nov 28, 1991
3 65 Nov 24, 1966
4 64 Nov 22, 1951
5 62 Nov 25, 1909

Lowest Maximum
Rank Temp (°F) Date
1 35 Nov 25, 1993
2 39 Nov 27, 1958
3(tie) 42 Nov 28, 1985/Nov 27, 1952
5 44 Nov 27, 1919

Lowest Minimum
Rank Temp (°F) Date
1 23 Nov 25, 1993
2 24 Nov 24, 1898
3 25 Nov 24, 1938
4 26 Nov 27, 1975
5 27 Nov 28, 1912

Number of occurrences with any precip: 24
Number of occurrences with measurable precip: 18
Average amount w/ measurable precip: 0.33″
Number of occurrences with: Thunder: 4
Snow: 0
Sleet (Ice Pellets): 1
Freezing Rain: 1
Freezing Drizzle: 0
Fog: 14

5 Wettest
Rank Rainfall (in.) Date
1 3.06 Nov 26, 1914
2 0.76 Nov 27, 1958
3(tie) 0.67 Nov 27, 1919/Nov 27, 1913
5 0.36 Nov 26, 1931

Significant Events

November 25, 1993 – Freezing rain and sleet fell during a subfreezing afternoon, amounting to 0.3″ on the ground. This was the only time that winter precipitation was ever recorded on Thanksgiving. The low was 23°F and the high was only 35°F, making it the coldest Thanksgiving ever. Also, the annual Thanksgiving Day Dallas Cowboys football game (vs Miami Dolphins) is the only occurrence in which winter precipitation fell during any NFL game in Dallas.

November 25, 1965 – This hot day reached a record high of 88°F.

November 22, 1945 – The first killing frost of the winter of 1945-46 reached a low temperature of 31°F.

Steve MacLaughlin

Thanksgiving in North Texas

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The unseasonably warm weather will continue into Wednesday morning. We’ll see highs in the upper 70s and even some lower 80s!!!

But, change comes dramatically in North Texas, and we’ll get a sharp reminder than we’re in autumn. Wednesday, the strongest and coldest front of the season will barge in.

Gusty north winds will usher in below freezing temps in parts of North Texas by Friday morning.

The good news is, that travel weather looks okay on Wednesday, Thanksgiving Day, and Friday, despite the colder temperatures.

Going Green?

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After Steve’s blog on our warming climate last weekend, we received a number of comments here on our Blog, and by email. Some offered praise, and others criticism. Here is my response to one writer who was particularly critical of the whole idea of Global Warming:

“I don’t know how you can claim that global warming is a non-existent problem, when earlier in your email, you admitted that it is occurring.

I don’t doubt at all that part of the warming is due to natural fluctuations in our climate. As you pointed out, that has always happened and always will. But the CO2 levels are up more than 30% since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. And yes, that rise in CO2 began in the 1800’s.

Basically, there is scientific consensus that global warming is occurring, and also that CO2 levels are rising. The only debate is how much of the warming is natural, and how much is caused by humans. I think the odds are that both factors are involved in the warming.. But if the climate is already warming naturally, it just makes sense to do everything in our power not to make it worse. Yes, there are costs in doing that. But although I don’t expect my house to burn down, I still pay for fire insurance every year. I look at addressing CO2 levels in the same way

As for our Going Green segments, very few have anything to do with global warming. In fact, we have been doing weekly stories for over 6 months, and I don’t recall a single story by NBC5 on that topic. Admittedly, the NBC network news has done occasional stories on that, but at the local level we do stories such as recycling, insulation, native plants, mulching, toxic waste disposal, etc. I can’t imagine that you would call any of that a “scam”, “propaganda”, or “nonsense”. They are all common-sense solutions to everyday problems, aimed at keeping our environment in good shape to pass on to our kids.”

I haven’y yet heard back from that writer.

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