Is it EVER going to get cool again?

October 5, 2007 at 2:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

That was the e-mail I received from a viewer the other day. I get that type of e-mail a great deal, actually…everytime we have a prolonged stretch of the same type of weather. In the winter: “Will it EVER warm up?” In the spring: “Will the storms EVER stop?” This past summer: “Will it EVER stop raining?”

The smarty pants in me wants to e-mail back, “No. It will NEVER get cool/warm/rainy/dry again in our lifetime. We are stuck in a pattern that will never end.” But of course, the weather will change. It will get cool again. I suspect the real question is “WHEN”.

When you live here for any length of time, you see weather patterns develop. My personal observation is that it never cools down until the State Fair has ended. We’ve all walked around the State Fair, sweating in 90+ degree heat. In 2005, it was 102 on September 25….just days before the fair opened. But by the time the fair ends, the cool weather has arrived.

Sure, it can still get in the 90s in October….the latest 90 degree day on record was October 30, 1951. But how many of you remember the snow we had on Halloween in 1993? I’ll never forget that one: I was dressed as Tweedle-Dee for the Fort Worth Zoo’s “Boo at the Zoo”, and let me tell you…there’s not much warmth in a Tweedle-Dee costume. I wish I had picked the goat costume instead. But I digress…

Yes, the cooler weather is on the way. Our average first freeze is November 22. The earliest first freeze was October 22, 1898 and the latest was April 13, 1997. So hang on…pretty soon, we might all be complaining about the cold!


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