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Your NBC5 Weatherteam!!!!!

There’s not a day that has gone by that I don’t feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am surrounded by the most highly skilled weatherteam and newsteam around. I can’t help but look around and recognize the talent that works at NBC5. (I think they were cleaning paint brushes with some potent paint thinner the day they decided to hire me)

Our peers in the television news industry recognized the weatherteam, and the hard work of producers Reginald Hardwick and Barbara Merckx. We’ve been awarded a 2007 Emmy from the Lone Star Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for our spring severe weather special.

We showed our viewers the latest in forecast and warning technology and we gave our viewers a look back at last year’s weather. Our producers wrapped it all up into a great show.

Now, back to work, the team here has set high standards, a lofty and worthy goal everyday.


New HD Weather Graphics

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Have you noticed them? Do you like them? We LOVE them. Check out the moving water….it looks pretty cool.
The new HighDefinition weather graphics offer clearer, sharper images than before, so satellite pictures and radar will be more sharply defined.
We still have all the same, great capabilities we had before: street level radar views, our million watt high definition storm-track radar, the best forecasts in the Metroplex from the only team of degreed meteorologists, but now the picture you see at home will be much sharper in High-Def.

Cloudy, Windy, Rainy day ahead

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Moderate to occasionally heavy rain is moving through the Metroplex this morning. By noon, most of it will be just east of Dallas, but we will see a few sprinkles and drizzle through the afternoon.
No severe weather, no flooding.
We are under wind advisories until 6pm, though. Winds will be out of the North and Northwest 15-30mph and gusty. With temperatures staying in the 50s, it will feel like the 40s.

NBC5 In-House Weather Update By Steve MacLaughlin

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Sunday Night weather update for all NBC5 managers and producers, assignment desk, weather department:

A cold front will move thru tonight and clear the entire area before lunchtime on Monday.
Showers & Storms tonight; Storms will NOT be severe.
There could be some leftover showers throughout the day Monday, but NO flooding or severe issues. Rain might be very light for most places with a few heavier showers.
Weather will definitely be the big story for all shows on Monday morning, afternoon and evening.
Wind advisories may be issued. Highs on Monday around 60. Lows Monday night in the 40s, windchills is the 30s.
Less windy Tuesday night, but even colder with lows in our burbs in the upper 30s to around 40.
Nice warm up to normal temps by end of week into the weekend.

Steve Mac

Friday Morning Low Temperatures By Steve MacLaughlin

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Friday morning was the coldest since Last April and easily below normal. We will be even colder next week, but for now, here is the temperature summary:


Steve Mac


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If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you know that there are some pretty warm days during the run of the Great State Fair of Texas. By the time the fair comes to an end, we start to get our first real taste of cooler weather.
And the weather computer models confirm this again this year: a strong cold front is expected to move through North Texas Sunday night into Monday morning with showers and much cooler air. Looks like we can break out the fall clothes early next week. High temperatures will be in the 60s and morning lows will fall to the 40s by Tuesday morning.
Now, this forecast, as all forecasts, comes with an asterisk…the cold front is in the Pacific northwest as of Friday morning. The forecast is dependent on the front moving at its current speed and direction…so if the front slows down, the arrival of the cooler weather is delayed. If the front speeds up, the cooler weather arrives earlier. And if the front changes direction completely, it could always miss us.
But as things look now, the State Fair ends on Sunday and the cool weather begins on Monday!

A Rainy way to start the Day

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A line of heavy thunderstorms plowed across North Texas Monday morning, dropping generous rain, but also bringing some wind to the party, a possible gustnado touched down just SE of Texas Stadium, damaging a warehouse. Here is a list of rainfall totals from our NBC-5 Weather Watchers:

Benbrook: 1.91″
Burleson: 1.7″
Cedar Hill: 2.33″
Love Field: 2.09″
Fort Worth: 1.55″
DFW airport: 1.79″
Lancaster: 2.57″
McKinney: 4.07″
Denton: .95
Waxahachie: 2.05″
Stephenville: .84″
Terrell: 1.15″
Cleburne: 2.41″
Coppell: 3.50″
Van Alstyne: 3.50″
Honey Grove: 4.02″
Granbury: 1.94″
N. Oak Cliff: 1.44″
Plano: 2.58″
Richardson: 2.70″
Fate: 1.87″
Aledo: .83″
West Arlington: 1.77″
TCU: 2.12″
Bluffdale: 1.77″
E Mesquite: 2.81″
Sansom Park: 1.69″
Lewisville: 3.39″
Greenville: 3.53″
Bedford: 3.50″
Midlothian: 3.30″
Garland: 1.48″
SE Allen: 4.12″
Grand Prairie: 1.78″

A cold front is on the way – we mean it this time…

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Many times in Texas, summer tries and tries to hold on, and this year is no different, but the maps are really starting to look like fall.

There is heavy snow in the High Sierra, temps in the Rockies are dipping below freezing, and more and more fronts are heading south out of Canada.

It finally looks like one of those fronts will make it to the metroplex on Monday, and that means cooler temps finally.

Behind this first front, highs will dip into the low and middle 80s, but those morning lows will finally drop into the upper 50s and low 60s by Wednesday morning.

Our long range upper level pattern is finally shifting too, we’ll drag more and more, stronger and stronger fronts into North Texas over the next 3 weeks.

It looks like fall is finally here!

Is it EVER going to get cool again?

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That was the e-mail I received from a viewer the other day. I get that type of e-mail a great deal, actually…everytime we have a prolonged stretch of the same type of weather. In the winter: “Will it EVER warm up?” In the spring: “Will the storms EVER stop?” This past summer: “Will it EVER stop raining?”

The smarty pants in me wants to e-mail back, “No. It will NEVER get cool/warm/rainy/dry again in our lifetime. We are stuck in a pattern that will never end.” But of course, the weather will change. It will get cool again. I suspect the real question is “WHEN”.

When you live here for any length of time, you see weather patterns develop. My personal observation is that it never cools down until the State Fair has ended. We’ve all walked around the State Fair, sweating in 90+ degree heat. In 2005, it was 102 on September 25….just days before the fair opened. But by the time the fair ends, the cool weather has arrived.

Sure, it can still get in the 90s in October….the latest 90 degree day on record was October 30, 1951. But how many of you remember the snow we had on Halloween in 1993? I’ll never forget that one: I was dressed as Tweedle-Dee for the Fort Worth Zoo’s “Boo at the Zoo”, and let me tell you…there’s not much warmth in a Tweedle-Dee costume. I wish I had picked the goat costume instead. But I digress…

Yes, the cooler weather is on the way. Our average first freeze is November 22. The earliest first freeze was October 22, 1898 and the latest was April 13, 1997. So hang on…pretty soon, we might all be complaining about the cold!

More Weather Stats By Steve MacLaughlin

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Autumn began ten days ago and we’re about to wrap up the first full week of October, yet cold front after cold front gets close, then turns right back around before we get a chance to cool down for very long.

The last time the low temperature at DFW Airport…
Was in the 50s: May 17th;
Was in the 40s: April 16th;
Was in the 30s: April 15th.

The last time the high temperature at DFW Airport…
Was in the 80s: September 23rd;
Was in the 70s: June 16th;
Was in the 60s: April 17th;
Was in the 50s: April 14th.

Today’s normal high is 82; The normal low is 61.

Steve MacLaughlin

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