Nicest Weekend Since April 28th-29th? By Steve MacLaughlin

September 13, 2007 at 1:26 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that I am a big fan of fall. Anytime the weather cools down just a bit or we get a front or the humidity drops, I consider it a little closer to that perfect time of year.

This week, we had our first real autumn cold front of the season and once the flooding rains ended on Monday, we were left with that crisp air that I lust. In September, we get small tastes of the good stuff. By October, those cooldowns last just a little bit longer each time. It wasn’t a shocking or massive cold front, but we were left with a couple of great days and a couple of perfect nights this week.

Another cold front is coming through early Saturday. It too is not a huge front and by Monday we’ll be right back into the 90s, but I am optimistically naming this upcoming weekend the nicest since late April. I admit “nice” is subjective and some people like weather that I find deplorable, but even you summer-lovers and hard-core winter fans can agree that weekends like the one coming up need to be cherished. I have to work, so please get out and enjoy it while thinking of me. Do something you think I would do if I were not at Channel 5.

The forecast right now is dry; both in precipitation and humidity. Plenty of sunshine. Nice northerly and easterly breezes. Highs in the mid to upper 80s; just at or slightly below normal. If we see any rain at all it would be very early Saturday and even that looks like it won’t happen.

So – Here’s my evidence. I will simply work backward through the weekends until I hit one that I consider nice.

9/8-9/9: Scattered showers and temps above normal in the mid 90s. Lows near 80.
9/1-9/2: More showers, more 90s, more humidity.
8/25-8/26: 98 to 99 degrees.
8/18-8/19: Highs in the 90s, lows near 80 and scattered showers. A Funnel Cloud near Argyle.
8/11-8/12: Hottest stretch of the summer. 100 to 104 degrees. Air Pollution Watch. Heat Advisory.
8/4-8/5: Highs between 95 and 97 degrees.
7/28-7/29: Isolated to scattered showers each day and highs in the mid 90s.
7/21-7/22: Scattered showers each day and highs up to 98 degrees by Sunday.
7/14-7/15: Highs between 90 and 95. This is not a terrible weekend, but it was typically Texas fro summer and very, very humid.
7/7-7/8: Scattered storms. Severe thunderstorms. Flash Floods on Sunday.
6/30-7/1: Two days of rain; some very heavy. Even tornado warnings on Sunday
6/23-6/24: Scattered storms each day.
6/16-6/17: Lots of rain and flash flood watches and warnings. Almost 3″ that weekend.
6/9-6/10: Scattered showers on Saturday. Severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings.
6/2-6/3: Two days of rain.
5/26-5/27: Two days of scattered showers. Parts of the area saw over 4″!
5/19-5/20: Trace of rain Saturday. Cloudy Sunday.
5/12-5/13: Two days of scattered rain. Sunday had severe thunderstorm warnings.
5/5-5/6: Cloudy all weekend. Fog, drizzle and light rain Saturday.
4/28-4/29: Perfect. Sunny. High in the mid 80s. Lows around 60. Low humidity.

So, there it is. Take away the hot weekends from late summer, the wet weekends from early summer and the stormy spring and we get to late April.

20 weekends later we are about to have a great weekend. As I’m writing this I get tired of hearing me complain about all the weekends we’ve had, but I figured my complaining is not what’s important, but how great I feel about this upcoming Saturday and Sunday. Hope you all enjoy…

Steve Mac


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  1. Steve,

    I appriciate your thouhgts on fall.

    I too love weekends that are mild and pleasant.

    Summer is often too hot. And in the winter I am inside an awful lot. (rain, ice, sleet…all make walking on crutches I hybernate like a big MAMMA Bear!)

    Spring brings allergy season with it. So a short pleasant fall is so nice.

    Plans for the weekend are to be at the lake…..I hope to fish and allow the dog to chase bugs!

    Once the weather turns cold the dog and I will curl up with cocoa a blanket, and a book.

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