Summer Update

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Summer officially ends in less than a month, but meteorologically speaking, the summer months here in North Texas are June, July and August. That give us less than a week’s worth of stats in a very memorable, but not necessarily historic season.

Early on, this looked like it would be a record-breaking summer, for sure. It rained and rained, then rained some more. After only six weeks, we were on pace to be the wettest summer ever by several inches. Things slowed down and as of today, DFW Airport has 17 inches of rain which is incredible. That makes this the fifth wettest summer on record. It’s possible rain this week could add a little bit to the total, but breaking the record seems unlikely. Had Erin’s rain shifted just a few miles east last week, there’s no doubt we would have broken the all-time summer record.

A normal summer at DFW Airport has 7.38″ of rain; 3.23″ in June, 2.12″ in July and 2.03″ in August. This year we more than doubled that. But the wettest summer ever remains only three years ago. 2004 had 18.89″ of rain in June, July and August. The rain and clouds also kept the temperature down; we only hit 100 degrees once.

For the year, we now stand at 37.98″. While we are on pace to be the wettest year ever, we will have to wait a few more months to approach the all-time record for North Texas. Right now we have 37.98″ which already exceeds an entire year’s normal rainfall of 34.73″. The wettest year ever occured in 1991 when we saw 53.54″. What makes these stats even more remarkable is the eighteen month drought that preceded the rainy winter, spring and summer of 2007.

One note about the precipitation totals: DFW Aiport is the official climate site for North Texas, but many surrounding areas have seen rainfall totals that trump the DFW totals. Unofficially, many areas have, indeed, seen their wettest summers ever which came after one of the wildest springs ever.

Now on to the temperatures. With all that rain, we enjoyed an extended period of sub-triple-digit heat. When the rain stopped, summer arrived right on cue. The first 100 degree day was August 11th. Four days above 100 followed with the hottest, 104, happening twice and the highest heat index topping out at 112 on the 13th. One year ago today we hit the triple-digits for the 43rd and final time in 2006.

It could be worse. 1980 had 13 June days, 21 August days and every single July day at or above 100 degrees. That year ended up with 69 triple-digit days.

The average year has 16 days at or above 100 degrees at DFW Airport with August having the greatest average number at 7.5 days.

And finally…This year so far has seen 4 records for either highest afternoon high or highest overnight low temperature. Last year, thru August 26th, we tied or broke an astounding 26 records at DFW.


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