Slow but Steady Progress

August 22, 2007 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Over the past few weeks, I have gotten to know Dr. Wayne Kirkham, who is an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist at Medical City-Dallas, but who also runs the Artistic Voice Institute there. He has worked over the years with a large number of vocal performing artists, both local and national.

I visited him again Tuesday afternoon, and his examination showed that the “tightness” of my vocal cords was reduced maybe 50% over what he saw two weeks ago. I will continue the nightly muscle relaxants to take care of the last 50%. I take my last dose of the yeast medication next Saturday, just to make sure that the yeast infection in my throat is knocked out.

I have discovered (and the doctor confirmed) that breathing deeply from the diaphragm, rather than shallowly in the upper chest reduces the urge to cough significantly. And with the yeast infection in my throat under control, and the hyperkinetic vocal cords continuing to loosen up, I really do plan to be back on the air next Monday.

One funny note… Dr. Kirkham told me yesterday that he was anxious to race home from work to watch the finals of America’s Got Talent on NBC. It turns out that Terry Fator, the ventriloquist from Mesquite, has been a long time patient/client of Dr. Kirkham’s. And as it turned out, he won the million dollar grand prize! You can read more about Terry Fator and see some of his amazing ventriloquist act here:

I’m just glad that I only have one voice to take care of. I imagine when Terry Fator visits Dr. Kirkham, he has to work on dozens of different voice problems!



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  1. Enjoyed your blog, hope you are felling better look forward to seeing you on the air.
    Your loyal viewers,
    Pat Keaton & Kim Lee

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better. This condition must be an occupational hazard. My sister is a 27 year veteran broadcast engineer for NBC in NY, and she is waiting for the meterologist at her station to get his annual sinus/allergy condition where he ends up losing his voice for 2-3 days! She also wanted to express her best wishes to you.

  3. My Sons and I were wondering where you were! We are SO sorry about your throat keeping you off air. My boys love Science and everytime they have a question about the weather or anomolies I can always find the answer somewhere on that you have provided. Ironically, your latest blog about Hurricaine names! We enjoy your report everyday. Please take care. Shannon, Alex (11), Ben (8) and Crichton (5)

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