Flooding Rains Continue

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A weak upper level low continues to meander across Texas. Its weak, but its enough of a trigger with all of the rich gulf moisture we have over the state.

The low will continue to slowly weaken, but since it is cut-off from the main upper flow across the country, the low really won’t go anywhere fast.

Here is a look at what will likely go in the books as the wettest June ever in the metroplex:

Rainfall so far this year (as of Wed, June 27, 10am) 30.74″
Average for the year up to June 26th: 18.59″

Rainfall so far this month, as of 10am on the 27th: 9.76″
Average for entire month of June: 3.23″

Wettest Junes on record:
1928 11.58″
2004 10.49″
2007 9.76″ so far….

Wettest records Jan-June:
1957 36.46″
1990 31.10″
2007 30.74 (as of 9am)
1949 30.52″

With the big low slowly weakening, rain chances will gradually diminish, but rain can’t be ruled out all the way through the weekend.


Major Flash Flood Strikes Haltom City

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Overnight thunderstorms dropped flooding rains on parts of North Texas overnight.

Haltom City appears to have suffered the most. A mobile home park along 377 near 820 has been devastated.

The storms developed as warm, rich gulf air moved over North Texas. An upper low was the trigger, but its not the normal TX upper low, this one is more of a semi-tropical upper low. Usually, those produce the heaviest rain during the night, and that makes the flooding worse, since it can strike while people are sleeping.

This is another reason to encourage North Texans to have a weather radio that will sound an alarm if a warning is issued.

Another wet weekend

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Not much of a surprise, but another very wet weekend is on tap for North Texas.

A big, strong, upper level low is slowly moving southeast across North Texas and this is providing the lift for showers and thunderstorms.

This big upper low will take its time moving SE. In fact, it’ll be kicking up waves of showers and thunderstorms all through the weekend, off and on.

There is some good news though, no severe storms are expected, but as you might expect, all this rain may cause some flooding problems by Saturday night.

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