Breaking out of the rainy pattern?

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What a difference one year makes: May 2006, DFW received 1.90″ of rain, so far in 2007, we’ve seen 8.32″ (including Wednesday’s storm).

We will still have a couple more systems giving us rain chances during the next few days, so we may be adding a few last minute totals to the May 2007 total. Just a few scattered showers are expected though.

June may start out wet too, with more rain and thunderstorms on the prowl for the first weekend of June.


more rain and severe weather this morning

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Time: 8am to 11am

Risk Area: NE of a Wichita Falls/Fort Worth/Waxahachie, including metroplex

Main Threat: Flooding rains, wind to 65mph

risk table:
severe t-storm warning
metro: 60%
DMA: 90%

flash flood warning
metro: 50%
DMA: 80%

tornado warning
metro 5%
DMA 10%

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