The First Heat Wave Of The Summer

July 9, 2006 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Over the last year, the big weather stories have continued to be the lack of rain and the relentless heat. But as we continue to shatter records for consistently above-average temperatures, the extremes have not been terrible so far this year. In other words, on average, we have been very hot, but we have only hit 100 degrees twice this year and the hottest day so far was April 17th when DFW Airport got up to 101.

That will change this week as we get ready for the first heat wave of the summer and of 2006. Temperatures continue to climb toward 100 degrees and should make it there in the Metroplex over the next few days. Some suburbs could hit the triple digits as early as Monday or Tuesday. Once we get there, we stay there for at least the next week. Plus, with southerly winds pumping in the moisture, heat index values, what it feels like when you combine the heat and the high humidity will be oppressive and dangerous.

Of course, these types of heat waves happen every summer in North Texas, and sometimes all summer long, but this is the first one that will exhaust our bodies since last year. Remember to drink lots of fluids, exercise in the morning or after sunset and don’t ever leave any people or pets in your car!! And, of course the sun is strong as always, so wear sunscreen and hats and don’t forget about protecting your eyes too.


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