Very Warm, Dry Autumn

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One of the main reasons it has been so warm this fall, is that we have had such little rain. Virtually every day, it has been sunny. And all that sun-baked earth gets very warm.
Long-range forecasts issued in previous months included north Texas in an above average rainfall pattern for this winter. But just this week, the new outlooks were published, and they no longer show above average rainfall for our area in the coming months. And that is especially bad news considering the current situation. Just look at these rainfall reports from around our region:

As for the cause, it seems to be pure bad luck more than anything else. Many other parts of Texas have had average, or even above average rainfall this year. So there is no real state-wide drought in progress. The rains just seem to miss us each time. Take a look at this drought map for Texas:

But there is no La Nina or El Nino in progress, and those are the only times I feel confident in long-range forecasts. I think we just have to wait, and sooner or later our luck will change.


What streaked across the sky last night?

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Many of you have called and e-mailed about the bright streak in the sky last night. We are in the midst of overlapping meteor showers: the Taurid meteor shower peaked early this month, and the Leonid meteor shower is peaking now.

Taurid meteors tend to be long lasting and very bright. Leonids tend to be dimmer and short lived. What was seen last night was most likely from the Taurid meteor shower.

You can still see meteors for the next few nights, just bundle up!

For more information on meteor showers in 2005, check out


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