Feast or Famine

August 21, 2005 at 11:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

For just about the past month, we have seen areas of showers and thunderstorms almost every day in at least some part of north Texas. And some areas, particularly to the west and northwest of the Metroplex have seen very heavy rains, ten inches or more, in just the past week. This has caused flooding that is now surging southward down the Brazos River system. At this time, the rising floodwaters of the Brazos has resulted in Highway 67 being closed at the town of South Bend, in Young County. And just below the dam at Possum Kingdom Lake, Highway 16 is closed in Palo Pinto County. Flood waters are expected to inundate a number of trailer homes in the community of Pleasant Valley, in Palo Pinto County. Here is a link to the latest Flood Statement from the National Weather Service:

But it has been a different story in the Metroplex, and especially in areas east and southeast of Dallas. Here, the rainfall has been very sporadic, and in some cases almost non-existent. Here, and to the east, the concern is not flooding, but the continuing drought. While areas between Abilene and Wichita Falls have had up to 150% of the normal rainfall this year, most of north central and northeast Texas has had only 30 to 60% of normal rainfall. Here is a link to the National Weather Service drought page:

We may see a few more thunderstorms in parts of north Texas Monday evening, or again or Tuesday. But it won’t be nearly enough to help out the current ongoing drought in the Metroplex. We need a good six-inches of steady soaking rain to really make a difference around here.


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