Home Is Where The Heart Is

July 27, 2005 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

It’s no secret that I am “not from here.” I grew up in New Jersey, went to school at Rutgers and have spent a good chunk of my adult life working in the big, east-coast cities of New York and Philly.
I moved here almost two years ago and I guess it’s okay to admit it now…I didn’t exactly have an easy transition to this part of the country. Any move is a big move, but this one involved a new culture, new towns and new weather concepts that I “heard” about it college, but never really got to experience as a person, let alone as someone on television trying to explain the science to someone else.
I was stubborn and tired and worn-down and longing for “home,” the place I grew up. The place where I was at ease and plugged-in. It’s tough to like a place when you don’t accept that you really live there or when you keep thinking about another place you’d rather be.
But over the last year and a half, that has slowly changed. Becoming more comfortable with the area has made my job easier and that has allowed me to begin to take in the Texas that exists once I leave the NBC studios. My life outside of work can now move forward. I can now appreciate where I am instead of being overwhelmed by it.
This all came to fruition and was solidified a few weeks back. I was sent on an assignment to Birmingham, Alabama for Hurricane Dennis. Let me begin by saying that I had a blast. I met some wonderful people and worked with some real weather and news pros. They were warm and talented and appreciated the help I was there to provide. Normally, when I’m out of town, it’s for fun or pleasure, and not work; so this was very different. Sitting at the Birmingham airport was the first time I had my “Texas Epiphany.” I actually wanted to come back to DFW; I actually wanted to come “home.” It wasn’t because Birmingham was bad in any way. It was because for the first time it hit me that Texas is home. Maybe I’ll be here till tomorrow, maybe for the rest of my life; but right now, it is home. It is where I’ve met amazing people and learned about a part of the country most New Yorkers don’t care to see. It’s where the job is challenging and the viewers demand the very best in weather forecasting. And it’s a place where I live my life, not missing other places, but where I’m content and comfortable.
I was telling this story to Chief Meteorologist David Finfrock, and with the proudest smile he kind of hugged me and said, “So you finally like Texas!” Yes, I do. (For the record, I never actually DIS-liked Texas, but I didn’t consider it home either.)
David told me I should share this story with our viewers.
I know I talk fast, and I know that I can never lose the “east coast” in my personality, but I do feel like I’m home.
Thanks for listening and welcoming me…oh, and enjoy today’s cool down…you know that Texas summer heat…


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